The light shines twice


I could walk a little more at ease now, without constantly worrying that I would slam into a wall.


There was someone up ahead, after an intersection in the corridor. A girl, leaning on the wall and chewing some gum quite loudly.

I took out a pokéball and got ready for battle but as I got closer she didn’t even look at me, she merely raised her arm and pointed in front of her, to the hallway to my left. I turned my head to see, but already knew what was expecting me, there was another trainer, I was about to head into a double battle. Another pokéball was required but due to a lapse of judgement and foresight on my part, my second pokémon was not one I would have chosen to battle fighting types but would have to do.


There I was, facing a girl in a track suit and a sailor. They were a formidable team, always joking with each other and pushing each other to the limits. I could tell they worked very well together but not well enough, even with my Zorua as second they didn’t stand a chance.

The battle was a breeze, they didn’t even complain that much after my victory, only the girl was noticeably affected, and only because she swallowed her gum.

The sailor went back into the darkness of his hallway and the girl pressed her ring against another one the locks on my lantern making it shine brighter. She then went back to the same spot where I first saw her, pulled out a stick of gum and started chewing again.



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