You shall not pass!



I could now use the extra light to make out more details about my surroundings. The walls and ceiling were made from different types of wood. There were some light fixtures visible but there was something off about them, they weren’t just turned off, they were pitch black.

There was a woman next to me when I lokoed down. She had a pokéball in her hand but made no move to initiate a battle, instead she told me about the fixtures, that they were especially designed by the Devon corporation to absorb all sources of light except that of the HM 05, the Flash move. The lantern I was carrying was able to replicate that light up to a certain point, but it had a very short lifespan, thirty more minutes or so and it would go out, leaving me defeated in the dark.


She smirked and opened her pokéball, stating that this is as far as I would go, that there was no need fot her leader to get involved.

I had never seen her pokémon before and it did look menacing, however menace it was all it did. If my Ralts had been weaker I might’ve struggled, but he was much stronger than his opponent and victory was assured.

The woman recalled her pokémon and looked at me in disbelief. She couldn’t believe she had lost to me, it was incomprehensible to her. Her head fell and she backed away from me. A single sentence was heard in a whisper: “It seems you are worthy of meeting the leader after all.”



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