Black belt Takao



My lantern was starting to flicker on a regular basis so I rushed along the corridor, eager to find the last lock and finish the gym challenge.

The corridor turned left, right, then left again and as far as I could tell it ended on a doorway made of light which I presumed to be the end of the maze.

The light was broken by a silhouette, by someone slowly walking towards me. I pulled out a pokéball and readied myself for battle. My opponent stretched out his arm, grasping a ball of his own.


He introduced himself as Takao, the highest ranking black belt in thys gym aside from the leader, that this was as far as I would go.

He opened his pokéball, releasing a Mankey to face my Ralts.

As with the previous battle, this opponent was also very agile but his attacks did a bit more damage. It wasn’t the only Mankey Takao had, when the first one was removed from battle a stronger one came into play. Ralts managed to do a lot of damage but I didn’t want to risk his well-being so I replaced him with Sylveon and finished the battle.


Takao told me I was worthy to face the leader, touched my lantern with his ring, lighting up the final lock and leaned on the wall, wishing me luck.


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