Brawly’s brawlers


I didn’t manage to fully heal Ralts before the battle but he was still up to the task. My opponent started with two familiar pokémon, a Meditite which Ralts beat quickly and one that I had been given, a Riolu, and it seemed like it was indeed a pokémon worthy of being trained and raised since a leader also used one.


He got in a few hits before being removed from battle, forcing me to also replace my own with Sylveon. His replacement was a Timburr, one that I hadn’t seen before and he was no match for my pokémon.


His final pokémon was a Makuhita, as agile as the previous one but stronger. Unfortunately for him, Sylveon had more precise attacks than Ralts and beat him after a few powerful hits. It was only then that I noticed the difference in levels, my pokénav indicated that the opponent was three levels above my pokémon and I still managed to beat it.


Brawly centered himself and seemed impressed with my performance, that not all who faced him showed as much promise as I did, that I fought as one with my pokémon, one of the reasons why I had won despite being of a lower level.

He said I had earned his badge, that I had taken my first steps into the light… whatever that meant.



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