Meet Brawly



I approached the doorway but still couldn’t see anything past the intense light, closing my eyes didn’t help.

I looked around and saw an alcove on the wall to my right, its shape matched the lantern precisely.

I cautiously raised the lantern and inserted it in the alcove until I heard something snap and grab the lantern, locking it in place within the wall. The light started to dim and I could now look at it without suffering any pain. The wall had closed back up and all that remained was to walk through the doorway.

The room was set up like a dojo and the light was as if the sun shone directly inside.

The man kneeling on the right was meditating, eyes closed and barely breathing.

He knew I was there, and told me to come closer. His eyes slowly opened and he got up, a pokéball in his hand.


“Those who see only darkness are blinded by the light. Do you think you are wothy? Can you stand in the light? Do you understand the darkness?”

I had no idea on how to respond nor did I understand what he meant.

“So you wanted to challenge me? You are at least worthy of it. Let me see what you’re made of!”

Now that I understood, grabbed a pokéball and stepped onto the mat, facing the leader.

The tension was palpable as we both opened the pokéball and released the pokémon.




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