Yellow blur


The corridor I had been following started to branch off several times and I hesitated. I had to try and figure out where to go but there were no signs or sounds that proved helpful. No distinguishable marks on any surface, be it the floor, ceiling or walls. My lantern flickered, probably the first sign that it wouldn’t last much longer and there were still two locks on it, that meant there were still two battles ahead of me… at least.

A whistle echoed through the hall to my left, drawing my attention to a man in a white uniform. His sweaty brow and red face were mirrored on the pokémon next to him, a testament to his intense training that I had apparently interrupted.

Both of them bowed to me and in a calm voice, the trainer told me that if I intended on going any further, I had to go through them.

I bowed back and opened my pokéball, initiating the battle.


His pokémon was a yellow Makuhita, focused but very energetic and barely reacted when my Ralts came out of the pokéball. All that I got was a smile from both of them, the kind of smile one gets when faced with a challenge. The battle took a bit of time, but mostly because Makuhita’s evasion was impressive, Ralts had a hard time striking a single blow. The opponent managed to hit three or four times but was highly ineffective.

The battle was decided the moment Ralts got an opening, one shot was all it took for Makuhita to fall to the ground.

The trainer immediately stepped in and started to comfort his fallen comrade, both were smiling.

He looked at me, angrily stating that they were vastly overpowered but he wasn’t angry over the loss, the feeling was related to the lack of challenge they provided me. They said next time I would face an adequate challenge.


He got up, shook my hand and grabbed the lantern, his ring passed over a lock and the light flickered once more, increasing a bit. There wasn’t much time left and he warned me to make haste.


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