New caller


The beach was an excellent choice to have my meal, there was room to stretch, my pokémon could walk around without disturbing anyone. It didn’t take long for all of us to finish and just lay back, enjoying the sun and cool breeze each wave brought to shore. All in all the conditions were almost perfect and I could feel the afternoon sleep trying to seduce me.

I stood up and stretched, I still had a job to do and as far as I knew, this Steve I was supposed to find was probably lost in the darkness, which meant I had to go save him.


My phone rang but the pokénav didn’t recognize the number… at least I knew it wasn’t my father. The voice on the other side belonged to Roxanne, the leader of the gym I had beaten in Petalburg and she was very excited to hear that I had beaten another gym so soon, that she knew she had seen something in me and that she would love to face me again eventually.

I registered her number and put away my phone. If she knew I had taken the gym challenge, it was a safe bet my father also knew yet this call from someone I barely knew did me more good than a call from my so called dad ever would.


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