I went back to the beach and walked along the waterline. I could make a small detour instead of heading straight to the cave. I could enjoy the scenery a bit without feeling guilty and besides, the beach ended on a cliffside that helped form the cave so I wasn’t technically avoiding my destination.

That was it, fifteen minutes and I was facing the rocks, now I had no choice but to go inside the cave.

I started to head up the beach avoiding several big stones in the sand when I fetl the earth shake. No, it wasn’t the earth itself, it was the cliffside. Rubble was beginning to fall and as I looked up I heard a loud crack and saw a big stone move, releasing itself from the wall and heading towards me.

Next thing I knew I was on my back, head buzzing from the adrenaline rushing through my body, dust in the air, making it hard to distinguish anything.


I slowly got up and was finally able to see my surroundings when the dust settled. The big rock that had fallen broke in two after hitting one that was already in the sand.

There was something where the fallen rock had split, something shiny was spread out across the surface, stuck in the cracks that the impact had created. It was dust but not quite,the grains were bigger, transparent, and it gave off a distinctive smell that I coudln’t quite place.

I pulled out the pokénav and inquired about this mysterious substance. Even with the upgrade the corporation gave me before I left, the signal was very weak but sufficient.

It was simply called Stardust and it was usually found inside large pieces of rock that fell from space. It would sell for a nice sum at any shop but there were no additional notes about it.


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