The master approves

Brawly bowed his head towards me, thanking me for the challenge, stating that I had proven myself before this gym, that I had earned the Knuckle badge.


His hand extended towards mine and dropped two small items on my open hand. One of them was clearly the badge, the other one was a TM disk.

According to Brawly, this badge now allowed me to use Flash outside of battle and to raise my pokémon up to level thirty without fear of them going rogue on me. I kept hearing about these level restrictions and wondered if they weren’t made up, perhaps I should try it out.


I thanked the gym leader for his time, his kindness and he showed me to a secret doorway behind some panels that provided an exit to the rear of the gym.

The sun had clearly passed lunch time and my stomach agreed, time to find a safe spot to eat, maybe by the beach.



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