Back inside


The cave didn’t change much since my last visit. There were no additional rocks or obstacles and the only sound one could hear was the loud snoring from the sleeping Flash man.


I headed straight for the stairway, no distractions and no wild pokémon, at least none that came up to me. I could see some movement from the corner of my eye but didn’t manage to focus whatever it was, it mattered not, all that mattered was going downstairs and finding Steve.

My foot sank in the ground and I heard what sounded like laughter. The culprit’s head was looking straight at me, a yellow head with two pointy ears to my right. It was a Sandshrew and he was mocking me.


I wasn’t able to loosen up my foot but I wasn’t about to be the laughing stock of a small pokémon.

I sent out Ralts and that alone was enough to wipe the smile off that smug critter.

The scare must’ve caused more of an impact than I had thought because all it took was a simple pokéball and the little bastard was caught.

Hah! Who was laughing now?… still had my foot stuck though.



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