Orange guilt


After a little effort, I was finally able to pull my foot free, but before I moved along, I noticed there was another hole not too far, almos identical to the one that had briefly imprisoned me. There were in fact several holes spread throughout the floor and I could see a pair of beady little eyes looking at me from one of them. They were attached to large orange head, a head that belonged to a small pokémon I had never seen before, and it looked like this was the real culprit behind all the digging.


He noticed me but didn’t vanish, instead climbed out of the hole he was in, his four legs working overtime. He came straight at me, almost as if issuing a challenge.

I was more than happy to respond in kind and released Ralts. This pokémon wasn’t surprised or scared, he carried on, pikcing up speed like he was getting ready to ram me.

Ralts avoided him with little effort and proceeded to distract the aggressive pokémon. Distract only, because I wanted to catch it.


The pokémon danced, each one avoiding the other’s attacks, completely immersed in their battle, if one could call it that. Only one of the attacks had landed successfully, but their purpose and efffect were undeniable, the wild pokémon was totally caught off guard, he did not see the pokéball fly through the air and only realised what was happening when the ball engulfed him, the surprise was absolute.

I was now the proud owner of a Trapinch and yes, this pokémon definitely showed promise.


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