Perks of the light


Shelly continued to sparkle, I had never seen such a pure and bright light, it resembled a small sun. It reflected off everything it touched without losing most of its intensity.


One of these reflections was different, something was off about the glint and I soon found out what it was. There was a pokémon and he did not like the light one bit, seemed like I had inadvertently woken him up.

His silver coating changed colors as he ran up to me while growling in anger… or was he yawning? I wasn’t waiting gor it to make the first move. I released Ralts and he went straight to work, ready to take the wild pokémon down. I had to calm him down, had to stop him from practically obliterating his opponent.


The pokémon in question was one I had seen before, one that had shown promise and that I could definitely use in my team. It was an Aron.

I made Ralts do the dodging dance with his opponent, distracting him enough for me to try and catch him. The light worked against me on the first throw, blinding me enough for me to miss my mark.


The next one I threw didn’t miss and Aron was caught.

This journey into the unknown had already been worth it, with three more acquisitions under my belt.


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