Blue trunk

The depth kept increasing, and I found myself feeling lucky that I had found an escape rope buried in a corner. Someone had probably stached it there in order to use it for a quick escape, in case of emergency.


I heard something move and saw a blue ball coming towards me at high speed, it had to be a pokémon right?

I sent out Ralts and he hit attacked the ball relentlessly with several attacks. The first three bounced off, but the fourth one stopped the ball in its tracks and made it unfurl, which was a surprise to me.


The ball was in fact a tiny blue elephant pokémon and he was not happy with me. Jumping up on his little legs, he curled up into a ball and charged Ralts again. My pokémon dodged the ball with ease but the ball was resistent to attacks and was not backing down.

My pokémon was finally able to go through the ball after a while and make it unfurl again. During that action, the little elephant was severely slowed down and dazed, vulnerable, so I took my chance I threw a pokéball.


My analysis was correct and the blue pokémon didn’t even have enough strength to put up a fight. I now owned a Phanpy.


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