Delayed opportunity

Aside from being impressively big and entirely dark, the granite cave didn’t have much more to it.

There were no additional paths that branched off from the main one, which was basically one long corridor that connected several sub levels of this cave. True that I had no idea of how deep I now was but I could easily find my way back, even with all the random pokémon encounters I could face. That was almost the one good thing about this cave, the fact that it was home to some unusual and promising pokémon and that even though they didn’t provide a challenge, I could perahaps use this location to train up a bit my other pokémon, maybe start raising my backup team. The level gap between some of my main pokémon was starting to get noticeable and I needed to keep them well trained since I didn’t know what trials awaited me in the future.


I was so deep in thought, considering my options, that I hadn’t noticed a voice echoing from up ahead.

A large man was sitting on the ground, he had several pokéballs on his hands and was clearly trying to make up his mind about something.

I greeted him from afar, and asked if his name was Steven. I was trying not to startle the man but the result was quite the opposite, he looked almost relieved when he saw me.

The man got up, put away his pokéballs in his bag except for one, walked right up to me and shoke my hand vigorously, sayign that this was truly a sign from above. The man introduced himself as Alan and started explaining his dilemma before a single question escaped my lips.

He had been exploring this cave, the same as me, because he had heard that he could find some truly great pokémon here. The problem was that he was out of room to keep them all, and he was feeling anxious about having to release a pokémon in order to try and catch all that were available.


I asked why he didn’t use the computer system but he frowned and said he didn’t trust the system, that the risk was too great. He then offered me a fire type pokémon, one that I wuoldn’t find in this area of the world.

This is what could be called bad timing, I also had no room to take that pokémon in.

The man looked discouraged but I wasn’t about to just ignore an opportunity to get a new pokémon. I could come back later and get the pokémon from him, I just had to find someone further along in the cave and then go back to town to make some room for the pokémon.

The man smiled and said he wasn’t going anywhere until he caught a shiny version of an Aron.

I told him I would try to be as fast as I could and went on my way.


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