After a couple more levels and a few more wild battles, I came across a white boulder, standing in the middle of the path.

There was nothing of note about it, except for the fact that it had several cracks along its edges and there were some chunks missing from the surface, pieces had been removed, but why?

The boulder was cool to the touch and I noticed a glimmer in the regino that was closer to my waist, where my pokéballs were. The boulder was reacting to the pokéballs and that could only mean one thing, this was a one of the poké stones, now it was only a matter to finding out which one.


My pokénav was very useful when it came to information and a quick picture of the boulder was enough for it to tell me this was an Everstone. A poké stone that prevented pokémon from evolving due to level increase.

The tools that came with the pokénav included a very small and light pickaxe and until now I had indeed wondered about its purpose. Considering the size, it was very effective, requiring just a few hits to loosen up a usable stone.

I put it in my bag and left the boulder behind. I didn’t have any use for the stone as far as I could tell but it could be useful in the future.


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