Ralts no more

The darkness on the other side of the doorway seemed more intense now that I had been in the sun, even with Shelly using Flash again I still had difficulty distingushing my surroundings.


My handicap must have been obvious because soon enough, I bumped into a wild pokémon, then another and another, they seemed to be drawn to me, I don’t know if it was because of the place I had just exited from or because of Shelly’s light, either way I had to deal with a handful of angry pokémon as I managed to put some distance between me and the sunlit chamber. The attention I was given seemed to dwindle as I moved further and further away.


I defeated one last pokémon and thought I was finally out of the woods, but then Ralts started to shine before he went back into his pokéball. He was evolving.

Ralts was shining, almost to a blinding point, and even though it only lasted a minute, he sure outshined Shelly.


The light diminished and when I was finaly able to see again, there was a new pokémon standing in front of me, a Kirlia.


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