The attraction remains

Slowly but surely, I made my way back towards the stairs that led up, to the previous level of the cave. And as I had hoped, as long as I kept moving, the pokémon started to lose track of me as a beacon of aggression, the light from Flash didn’t seem to extend the effect.


I took hold of the rail, getting ready to climb, but had to back away quickly in order to avoid what seemed to be a rock coming from above, heading straight for my head.

I looked up, trying to find the one responsible, but there was no one there, no pokémon or person that I could see.

Something moved through the dirt. The rock I thought had been thrown or dropped was in fact a pokémon and it was rolling towards me. Shelly faced it head on, fearless, but the opponent was very agile, avoiding each attack precisely. No elaborate strikes on his part, just continuous slams with his body. Even though it didn’t do much damage, it did show a ton of fighting spirit and was relentless.


As with others before, this pokémon showed promise and I found myself curious enough to try and catch it.

Given its speed, it looked pratically impossible to hit him with a pokéball, but I wasn’t about to give up, so I had Shelly use a risky move, metronome, which could backfire on me in a number of ways, but it seemed as if luck was on my side. The move duplicated a random attack amog the thousands available from every pokémon, and it used confusion. This worked on my behalf not because of the negligible damage, but because of the secondary effect. The pokémon became confused and wente against a wall, knocking itself out.

After that, catching it was a trivial matter. Roggenrola was now part of my pokémon.



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