Yellow fighter

I climbed the stairs as soon as I secured the newly acquired pokémon. Maybe now I would be able to use the escape rope… no such luck.


There was a pokémon right next to the ladder, almost looked like it was waiting for me to climb, and sure enough, as soon as I stood up, the yellow pokémon moved towards me, its arms thrusting in my direction, challenging me to a battle. Shelly jumped to the floor and began the battle.


The attacks were as powerful as they were fast, even forcing me to use an oran berry to restore some of its health. I tried to replace him in battle but he refused, Shelly was determined to see this through, but I had to be careful and remained on my guard. This was one tough Makuhita, but he was so engrossed in the battle that didn’t notice a pokéball flying towards him. Hitting him on the head eand engulfing his existence.


I thought I saw surprise on his face for a second before he disappeared but it mattered not, I now owned a Makuhita, and it seemed extremely capable.


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