Bather battle


I heard laughing and saw a girl stretched out on top of a chair, her hair and bathing suit were still wet from the time she had spent in the water.

She asked if we could battle, that i made it look fun, or at least more fun than it usually was.


Shelly accepted the challenge on my behalf, jumping into battle once again and facing the girl’s Marill head on. This was a mistake, since once again, the opponent was too much for Shelly to handle and I had to replace him with Leafeon.


My grassy pokémon, as one would expect, was super effective against Maril and defeated it in one fell swoop.

She didn’t let it come to a close though, and grabbed her pokémon, taking it out of battle.

She said she knew she wouldn’t win, but that the battle was fun anyway, and thanked me for it.



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