Castles in the sand

The beach was full of towels, beach umbrellas and lounge chairs.

I could see some people enjoying the beach in various ways but none of them seemed to be looking for a battle.

Two high pitch voices came at me from nearby, complaining about something. I could barely see them between the various objects around, but there they were, a small boy and a small girl running towards me waving their arms and looking angry.


They pushed me and were on the verge of crying. I tried to calm them and backed away but they just ignored me and started to do something in the sand. They were rebuilding part of a large castle, a fortress really, and it was impressively detailed. The towers, windows, walls and even small soldiers indicated an enormous attention to detail.

The kids were rebuilding part of it, a corner that had been destroyed, trampled. The footprints in the sand connected me to the disaster area. I had destroyed their creation.

Once again I tried to apologize but they would not hear it, dismissing me with each attempt, so I did the next best thing. I knelt down and tried to help them as best I could, mostly gathering the sand for them to mold.

They didn’t respond, didn’t even acknowledge me, but they also didn’t turn me away.

Slowly but surely, the fortress started to regain its former glory. These were truly talented kids.

I had no idea of how long I was down there with them, but my joints were aching when I finally got up.

The girl started to walk away from me but the boy turned around and smiled. Said I was ok after all and that I should be more aware of where I put my huge feet.

he then stretched out his arm and dropped a small, transparent bag in my hand. It was a bag full of sand, but it was special sand, a pokémon item. It was called soft sand and he gave it to me, wishing me luck on my journey.

The kid ran away and disappeared through the coloured umbrellas, leaving his masterpiece unattended once again… or at least it seemed like it.


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