First beach encounter


I moved away from the castle, paying more attention to where I was stepping, making my way through the many, many umbrellas and chairs.

I heard a lot of commotion but I could barely see anyone. No people and no pokémon.

One of the chairs moved as if it were hit from below, then another, and another, all of them in a straight line towards me.


My instincts kicked in, and apparently so did Shelly’s since he didn’t even wait for me to release him and came out ready to attack.

A pokémon jumped on top of the closeste chair, a Buizel, and charged me without notice. He was however, too nimble for Shelly, so I replaced him with Leafeon.

The idea that it was a wild one was soon disproven as I heard commands being given through the umbrellas.


Buizel was a water type, so Leafeon made short work of him before it was replaced by a Spearow. A flying type, putting my pokémon at a disadvantage… or so it seemed. The opponent barely made a move before he was taken out and dropped dead on the sand.

It was only then that someone appeared, a man dressed as a sailor.

He didn’t say a word, didn’t smile or cry, he just waved goodbye and disappeared.



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