Need to go back

I went inside the center and made room in my roster, so I could receive the pokémon from the man in the cave.


My pokénav indicated that even though it was dark, there was still time for me to go and find the man before I had to rest.

I rushed into the cave and went straight for the place where I had met the man in the sub levels. Shelly didn’t even need me to order him to use Flash, he was shining as soon as we went doown our first flight of stairs.

We met a few wild pokémon, but none of note, and none worth catching.

It didn’t take long for us to meet up with the man again, and he was extremely happy to see us. So much so that he didn’t even allow us to greet him probably and pratically threw a pokéball at me.


He told me to take it, that had I been an hour late and he would’ve tossed the pokémon aside.

I asked him why he wouldn’t go to town and free up his roster, and he laughed, saying that he would not allow any others to take up his spot and get any prized pokémon.

The pokémon he had given me was a Chimchar. I put it in my bag and went back to the surface, leaving behind a man that was clearly obsessed, and in my opinion a bit crazy.



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