Bait and tackle


This beach was enormous, I had been walking for who knows how long and there was still no end in sight. Nothing but colorful beach umbrellas as far as the eyes could see.

Something shone through the sand, something half buried, another item up for grabs, and I was planning on getting it.


It was only when I was a couple of meters from it that it dawned on me, and I felt a wave of stupidity wash over me. I couldn’t believe I had fallen twice for the same exact ruse, and sure enough, I heard two voices laughing. Two little kids, a boy and a girl approached me from both sides, each with a pokéball in hand.

They couldn’t believe another one had fallen for the oldest trick in the book.


Shelly was already out of his pokéball and waiting for action, Splash joined him soon after.


My opponents released their own pokémon, a Susrskit and a Wingull, and I was once again forced to switch out Shelly for Leafeon.


Razor leaf made short work of Surskit and got immediately replaced by a new pokémon, a Shellos. The flying one advantage over grass moves, so Splash had to use mud shot again, to weaken him, before razor leaf cleared the battlefield and a final opponent, Tentacool made a final attempt at victory… without any success.


The kids didn’t show any sadness or regret, they just laughed and commented about how fun and exciting the battle had been. They had no attachement to their pokémon. They seemed almost devoid of feelings and just laughed as they vanished beneath the umbrellas.



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