Double sunburn


There was a boy further up the beach, resting on a towel, leaning on his elbows. He smiled at me and told me that I had been putting up quite a show, he had been enjoying his view of the action.


Another voice from the right joined the dialogue, a sailor, and he told me that yes, I had been putting quite the show but it was now time for them to test my mettle.

Both of them approached me from each side, pokéballs in hand and ready for battle.

I responded in kind and opened one of my pokéballs, there was no need for me to choose another, Shelly had once again jumped into the fray of his own free will. The little guy was starting to become a handful but at least he still obeyed commands in battle.

My opponents let loose a slowpoke and a wooper, and unfortunately for me, I had to once again switch out togepi, since his move set wouldn’t be very helpful in this challenge, Leafeon took his place.


Splash wasn’t the best choice but he had a more diverse moveset, though it wasn’t really needed. He took out one with mud shut and razor leaf shot down the other.


The sailor didn’t let the boy’s pokémon meet his end, but cared not for his own.

They weren’t too upset with the defeat, with the kid mostly upset about being thirsty, mumbling something about a drink called soda pop, that he wasn’t up to par because of his lack of fluids, that next time would be different.



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