Waste conscience

The beach was surrounded by water on all sides, except one, where it met the city.

I went to dip my toe in the water again, breathe a few minutes after all those battles.

The waves were calmer on this side, especially due to a small reef a few meters away. There were also fewer and more disperse umbrellas on this side of the beach, with most people simlpy walking about or doing some exercise.

A small unknown pokémon ran up to me and started begging me for attention, he wanted to play.


Not far behind came an old man, calling the pokémon to his side, telling him not to bother me. The man carried a plastic yellow bag on his back and what looked like a cane on his hand.

The pokémon, which I now knew was a Zigzagoon, went back to his master and started to sniff around in the sand.

The old man apologized for the inconvenience, and stated that if his pokémon came to me for attention, than I must have a good caring heart. He spent his days with his friend on this beach, cleaning whatever garbage he could find. He said that whatever we gave the sea, it returned twofold, so we should be more careful with the source of life.

He looked at me from top to bottom and started walking away. I took his cue and went my own way or at least tried to, since as soon as I turned my back on him he yelled out at me, telling me that I sohuld come back if I had the time, that he might’ve something good for me.

He then used his cane to pick up a piece of garbage his Zigzagoon had found and encouraged it to go and find some more.


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