Barred yet again


There I was, finding an alternate route to the counter so I could get something to drink.

I circled back around, to the entrance and the other side of the of the room.


The blond just smiled at me as I passed by her corridor.

As expected, there was another person on the other side of the room, only this one wasn’t sitting or leaning against a wall, this one was blatantly blocking my path.


He was just standing there, waiting for me to come closer, arms crossed over his chest and a distinctive red and white ball in one hand. He opened it and called a barboach into battle, and this time togepi responded, but he looked angry, especially as I recalled him and called out leafeon. Barboach being a water type didn’t have the slightest chance. The second one was a flying type, but the level gap made up for the type disadvantage. The ducklett pokémon was also defeated quickly. The third and last pokémon was one of the cutest I had ever seen, a water type called mantyke, that was also defeated.


He didn’t move after the obvious defeat, but he didn’t let his pokémon meet their end either, recalling them before it was too late.


He remained still, blocking my path, but said he was impressed with my battle spirit. He then motioned me to go back to the center corridor, where the blond lady was beckoning me.



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