Little player

The lady sat down, but she didn’t do so where she had been so far. She sat with her legs blocking my path. It was clear I had to find another way to the counter.


I circled my way back past some tables and went by a small kid leaning against the corner. He was playing some handheld gaming console and payed me no mind until I stood right in front of him.

A cloud suddenly appeared in front of me, with a pokémon in it, a remoraid.

The kid said that it looked like his friend didn’t want to let me pass without proving myself, and sure enough the pokémon looked menacing, blocking my way every time I tried to avoid him.


I almost found it weird that I didn’t already have a pokémon on my side, but it seemed like togepi calmed down a bit. I picked leafeon’s pokéball and he went to work, making short work of the pokémon.

The kid didn’t even lift his head, didn’t care about the defeat, just kept on playing his little console. He just raised his hand with a pokéball and released another one into the fray, a shellder.


Leafeon defeated the second one just as fast as the first one, and once again, the kid didn’t speak, didn’t raise his head. But this time he moved himself and sat down in my way, blocking me.

He told me it looked like I had to look for another way around, and I swear I could hear sarcasm in his voice.



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