Peculiar beauty


The inside was cool and welcoming, and even though I was still partially blinded by the difference in light, I could make out five or six people inside. Some were sitting at the tables, others were leaning against the walls, and a man behind a counter, straight ahead.

I went forward into the this house of freshness and as my eyes got adjusted to the ambience, I saw a green haired beauty sitting close to the counter, her eyes following my every move.

She said I had a nice set of balls on me… needless to say I turned all shades of red and was at a loss for words. I thanked the nice lady for her compliment, telling her that I had no complaints thus far, just from the trainers I had beaten.


The lady smiled, got up, came up to me, pokéball in hand and asked me if I had ever seen a ball like hers. True enough, the ball was unlike any other I had seen so far. It was completely blue except for one small golden spot, where I assumed the ball opened. The paint job was impressive.

No other noises were heard except the familiar sound of a ball opening, her ball.

A goldeen came out, swimming in what looked like a cloud. I had seen this effect before, it always happened when a water pokémon came into play outside of liquid. The pokéball manifested a cloud that moved along with the pokémon, allowing it to technically swim in air.


The lady looked at me in antecipation, waiting for me to join the battle. She passed her hand through her hair and it changed. I could see shades of yellow below the green, but the more I stared, the more I saw the hair changing colour. The green was being overtaken, and soon enough the entire hair was blond with slight shades of green below. How on earth was she doing that?

Togepi jumped into action and I once again switched him out for Leafeon. The battle was already decided. I knew it, she knew it, and Leafeon knew it, one hit and it was over but not before the blond safeguarded her pokémon, sparing it.

She sat back down, stating that it seemed like my balls weren’t just for show. Her hair slowly returning to the original green colour.



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