Fresh rewards

I was finally at the counter, meeting head to head with whom I expected to be the owner of this establishment.

The man was smiling, exactly as he had been for the last hour, ever since I had walked through the door. He said these had been the most exciting battles he had seen in his shop for a very long time, that i should be rewarded for my efforts and encouraged, that I had greatness in me, and so did my pokémon… especially Shelly, that if he was this powerful and willing now, he would be unstoppable once he evolved.


Well that was a surprise, I knew not that togepi evolved but had to look into it and see what it would take to accomplish it.

The man extended a plastic pack, a pack containing six plastic bottles filled to the brim with a sparkling, bubbly liquid. He said it was on the house, a thank you for all the excitement.

The drink was one of the coldest and sweetest things to ever touch my tongue, and boy was it satisfying.

The blond woman called me over and pushed back the seat, inviting me sit next to her. She was sipping from the bottle, the label, where “Soda pop” was written in bright yellow colours, was on her hand, being folded several times until a swan started to appear.


She said it was derived from the oil of a rare pokémon, excreted out through its skin, carefully collected within a preservation. It was only thanks to that oil that she was able to change the colour of her hair as she wished. She then raised her hand wide open and I saw that each fingernail was painted in a different varnish colour, among them were the vibrant green I had seen earlier and the bright yellow she was now wearing.

I sat there for a while, indulging in meaningless talk with her. occasionally bumping our bottles in a toast.

After I finished, I got up, said my goodbyes and thanked the host for his kindness, to which he replied I was welcome to at any time.


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