Power and medicine

The sheer amount of different sights and smells was overwhelming, so many new foods I hadn’t seen before, so many I didn’t recognize.

One of the barracks had no one guarding it and had such peculiar flowers, that some of them were simply mesmerizing to behold.


– Pretty aren’t they?

The voice came from among the flowers, where a head appeared. A tall woman with black hair and a white apron emerged from within the colours.

She said I had a particular scent on me, that I was bound to come in contact with a particular TM, she could smell it on me. I should return to her with this TM in my possession, the one called “Secret Power”, this would allow them to make some particular items available to me, but only after…


She vanished into the flowers again, leaving no trace behind and nothing to follow.

A chubby woman in red was laughing outloud in the barrack right across the path.

She found the woman extremely peculiar, funny even, and yes she was also a member of the so called group but she carried herself with a little bit more dignity. Plus, she said she was only a member because of the berries they made available to her. Berries that allowed her to make medicine.



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