Different value

I ran after the blond man until I saw him approach the hypnotized one and knock him out with a soft blow to the back of the head. He then proceeded to take the man in the direction of the center. The woman didn’t stop dancing throughout.


I turned my back on her and walked along another pier, one that had some houses on it, more like living quarters closer to the water, probably used by fishermen.

One of the doors flew open and a man came out, excusing himself past me until he reached the water. He took a deep breath and pointed out to sea.

– See that? That black shape in the distance? That is the Imperium. One of the biggest fishing barges to ever brave the seven seas.

He paused for a bit and then stated that by sundown the ship would be at the bottom of the ocean. That was his job, to dispose of old ships in a graceful way and to give them new purpose.


Every ship he had ever put down was now home to several schools of fish and even some coral. The spot where it would be sank had been chosen carefully so as to not traumatize the flora and fauna too much.

He was in the business of building homes and sanctuaries where others found nothing but waste.


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