Enduring feelings

I left the market and came back to what could be considered the main street. Splitting the housing and outdoor market from the waterfront, connecting the beach to a route up north.


My plan was to do a bit of sightseeing and then deliver the goods where I was supposed to, but as luck would have it, there was a bit too much of a commotion to my taste in the direction where I was heading. A bunch of people where just gathered around a passage and their clothes looked familiar, identical to the ones I had seen earlier, in the tunnel. What did he call himself? Team something or other… didn’t matter, all that mattered was that it most likely meant trouble for me and others caught in their path, so I headed in the other direction, I went to check out the docks closer to the beach.

There was a woman walking barefoot on the grass close to me, looking in my direction as I passed her by. She called out to me, stating that my pokémon exhuded confidence and charisma, that it was obvious just from looking at my togepi… and sure enough, Shelly had escaped his pokéball and was getting softly petted and cuddled by this strange woman.


She said that my love for this pokémon was apparent, as it usually was among pokémon that got a nickname. That was the reason why traded pokémon weren’t allowed to change their names, it was a memento to the love and care felt by their original owner.

Shelly ran to me short after and entered his pokéball, smiling.


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