Lost in sight

I left the woman behind, twirling and singing in the same spot of grass, her red dress making the dance mesmerizing… so I stood there for a moment, completely absent-minded.

I turned around and went on my merry way, feeling my spirit and mind lighter.

– It is quite a sight isn’t it?

There was a man sitting on the grass a bit down the road, his gaze was set on the woman and a wide smile seemed to be a permanent feature. He encouraged me to stay and admire her love, well, her love to be. He had yet to gather the necessary will to go up to her and profess his feelings, so for now he just remained distant, admiring all that she was in silent contemplation.


I don’t know why but this scared me a bit and I asked how long he had been there, to which he did not know the answer. His dirty clothes and now noticeable smell was a strong hint that he had been there for quite a while, days possibly. I volunteered to help him but he did not want to leave, nor did he avert his eyes from her.

I once again tried to distract him, to bring him back to reality and asked him about his purpose here, what he had planned to accomplish. This prompted an immediate answer, but without a change in his focus. He had come to Slateport in search of the battle tent, a place to test the mettle of a trainer, but differently from a gym… but that had been a distraction, now that he had found his love, he found his calling. Nothing else mattered… and that meant I needed to get help, even if he wouldn’t.


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