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I went inside the mart but something caught my eye before I entered, the absence of something, or someone. In this case it was more than one, it was the group of so called pirates I had seen before, they were now gone, not a trace of them in sight. Maybe the leaders of the city had something to do with it.

I came up to the counter, browsed the items for sale, and to my surprise, they had “Great Balls” for sale, the upgraded version of the basic pokéball.


I replenished my ball stock with both kinds and asked about the keeper, if the store clerk knew where he had gone.

The clerk was more than helpful, not only providing me with a side bag for all my new balls, but also telling me that the keeper had went to the museum. All I had to do was go out the store, go left and I would chance upon the building.

I thanked him for the info and went on my way.


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