Searching the city

I left the building and headed towards main street, to see if anyone had seen this elusive captain, and also to try and see what had happened to the man that was knocked out.

The street was practically empty, neither the dazed man or the red dancing woman were present, only one long haired man with glasses and he was walking towards me.


He said I had missed all the action. The lighthouse keeper came, took away the latest victim to the center and took Anabelle home.

– Latest victim? – I asked.

The man said it was common, that at least one person per boat got lost in her beauty. It was unavoidable and one of the reasons why she had her movements limited, whyshe remained mostly confined to her room atop the house of the name rater, her father’s house. The only place where it was possible to change the nickname of a pokémon, except the traded ones of course.


Given his ample knowledge, I asked about Stern, if he knew where he was, but this he didn’t know. The only info he could provide me with, was that the lighthouse keeper ran this city along with Stern, that if anyone knew where he was it was him.

The keeper was last seen going into the mart a while ago, but he could have already left to go somewhere else.


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