Unexpected workshop


There were massive chains hanging from the ceiling, cranes and welding torches, massive ropes on the ground floor, all that was to be expected from a shipyard… all stopped, all cold, not one was active, and yet, there was a loud humming in the air and the distinct clicks and clacks that one would associate with computer use.


All the noise came from a large generator in the middle of the room, men in labcoats could be seen around it, each tending to a computer or large console, every one completely focused on their work. This was past the entrance hall where the leader of this operation seemed to be and whom was also focused on his work, a large blueprint spread out over the table.


He kept mumbling something about the blueprints being illegible, that it shouldn’t be this complicated to interpret, he couldn’t figure out what went where.

I cleared my throat and tried to get his attention but he did not lose his focus, so I approached him and introduced myself, and the man finally looked up… for a moment.


He said his name was Dock and asked if he could be of any service, so I started by asking about the owner of this establishment, about the name on the sign outside, about Stern. The only reply I got was that he was in fact the leader and owner of this endeavour, but he not here, he had left the shipyard to work from another location within the city.


I asked if I could leave the goods with him, but Dock said it was valuable, sensitive material, material that should be delivered directly to the captain, so if I wouldn’t mind, I could take a few more steps and deliver it personally.


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