Bonus talk


I slept like a rock and didn’t really need an alarm clock, the snoring from the other beds in the room woke me up bright and early, especially the sound coming from the sailor. It resembled one of those fantastic pokémon he was talking about last night.

The center was pratically empty this early, the sun had just risen. The only other two people in the room were the nurse and a woman having breakfast. I picked my pokémon up and asked the young woman if I could join her at the table, an idea she accepted with a nod.

I was feeling talkative so I introduced myself and asked about her, if she was from around here, if she knew when the museum would open. Lucky for me, she had a yes for both questions… and a lot more to say than just yes. It seems she was just being quite as a courtesy, she seemed to enjoy talking and the sound of her voice a bit too much. I had unleashed the monster and didn’t know how to put it back in the cage.

01-05_2_1This went on for an hour, with me trying to get away without being a total jerk, but kept being dragged back in.

She talked about everything, and I do mean everything. The weather, the floor, the people, the city, pokémon, pokémon moods, pokémon colours, pokémon items, or as she called them, bonuses, and the fact that if she found one pokémon holding one it always made her happy, even more so if it came from a trade…

I tried tuning out most of it but was unable to.

The nurse finally called her to the counter stating that she needed to talk to her about her pokémon. And as I looked at the nurse explaining something to the woman, I saw her hand and eyes move in a distinct way towards the door. I couldn’t express enough silent thank yous as I left the room and breathed the morning fresh air.


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