Lost time


I went back outside and took saw something I should’ve noticed before, the fact that it was dark out, that night had fallen.


The museum lights were darkened and the two women walking towards me clarified what I already suspected, that the museum was closed during the night.

I had spent more time than expected walking around town, and it was now pointless to proceed during the night… and now that I had a moment, I could feel the tiredness and hunger awaken.

The center was near and it never stopped, never closed, and so I went inside, got a room and some food. My pokémon were left with the nurse during the night in an effort to restore their full health and potential.


A sailor was sitting across the table from me, enjoying a mug of beer and a juicy cheeseburger. He kept talking about his journeys, about lands far away, some even on the other side of the world. Tales of incredibly powerful pokémon and rare ones as well. Battles, scars, deaths, this man had seen them all and could not get enough. He made sure to be at the centre of every major event.

We talked for a few hours until sleep was starting to get the best of me and I excused myself. He replied in kind and threw something my way which I was barely able to catch, a pokéball.

He said it was a rare pokémon in these parts and it should help me mix up my team a little bit.


I checked the pokédex as I was entering the room and saw that it was in fact a pokémon I hadn’t seen before, a charmander.


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