Morning walk


Amidst the confusion I ended up not knowing the time at which the museum would open, so I found myself heading towards the building only to find it closed. There were still a couple of hours to burn before I could enter.

I decided to go back to the beach and enjoy a bit of the morning sun in an area I assumed ot be deserted this early.


I at least had managed to retain the information that the lighthouse keeper was most likely to be found in the museum along with captain Stern, that I was able to remember among the incessant rambling of my breakfast partner.

The sand still hadn’t warmed up from the night but there were already people walking about and some even bathing. I approached the water on the east side, where it seemd to be calmer, and dipped my toes in the cool water. It was cold alright, but invigorating.

A voice accused me of being chicken, that I should just dive in. It was the man from yesterday, and he was still carrying a yellow, emptier bag on his shoulder, and the same pokémon running around, sniffing the sand for garbage.


He wished me good morning and said he was happy I had come back, that he had something for me, a pokémon I could make good use of if I wanted to.

I gladly accepted and immediately checked the pokénav for any info on it. It was a Piplup that had joined my team.

He bent down to pick another piece of garbage, wished me a good day and good luck on my voyages, and went on his way.


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