End in sight


There was a stairwell that led to the first floor, it wasn’t guarded or had any warnings next to its entrance, so i assumed that there were more exhibits above. I asked my talking companion about it, but he just said they weren’t supposed to go there yet… whatever that meant. I excused myself and climbed the stairs.


The upper floor was as full of display cases as its lower counterpart, though their contents were more focused on technological advances, it even had some computers for public access to what I assumed was a local encyclopedia.

I approached one of these machines and heard a loud mumbling coming from close by.

There was a man in a labcoat, typing frantically in a laptop while his eyes closely examined the small model he had in front of him, the model of a big ship.


He noticed me and asked what I wanted, if I had any business with him or if I was just visiting the museum. I tried answering but he kept interrupting, stating that he was very busy, that his life and time was very valuable, so I shouldn’t waste them and just answer at once… no words came out of my mouth but my hands moved ono their own and took out the goods.

The man noticed this and immediately stated that his name was Stern, and that I was late, but he could make up for the time lost if I stopped just standing around and delivered the goods as instructed.


He had ordered the parts from Mr. Stone and had been expecting them for quite a few days now. They were an essencial part in his new project, and without them they could not proceed with the expedition. Stern took the parts form me, thanking me for my trouble but also scolding me for taking much more time than needed for such a simple task.



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