Interruptions ahoy!


Stern paid me no mind after he said his goodbyes and returned to his mumbling and typing. I assumed that was my cue to leave the premises, that our affairs were done, and so I started walking back to the stairwell, which was now blocked by two heafty pirates heading my way.


They made sure to walk side by side, blocking my path and pushing me back to where Stern was, snickering through it all.

Stern paid us no mind until we bumped into the table where the model ship was, only then did he raise his head and his voice, telling us to get out, that we were interrupting his work.

The sailors stopped smiling and using their softest voices, said they weren’t going anywhere, not until they had what they had come for, the Devon goods, so it would be in our best interest to hand them over.


Stern turned to me and said he hoped I was a better trainer than a delivery boy, because he didn’t have any pokéballs on him and he definitely wasn’t going to just give them the goods.

One of the newcomers pulled out a pokéball and released a carvanha from within it. Togepi jumped at the chance for action and acted without direction, using the risky metronome move. Lucky for me the move was super effective and reduced the pokémon to his insignificance. I took this opportunity and switched out togepi with zorua, and this one at least did as he was told, taking out the other pokémon so fast that I didn’t even notice which one it had been.


One thing was certain, whatever these pirates were here for, it was not for a good reason.


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