I walked around the floor, trying to show interest in the fossils and relics on display but the visitors were much more interesting. One of them was clearly different, his posture was relaxed and he was completely engrossed in the object he was observing. It was a rare fossil, so much so that the scientist who registered it was unable to find out to which pokémon it belonged to. The pirate kept looking at his pokénav and then back at the display case, probably trying to find a match for what he was seeing. He was currently comparing a machop, and I commented that it looked nothing like that one, that he needed to keep searching.


The pirate smiled at me and kept on looking thru the pokédex, but also engaged me in conversation, asking me what I thought about the exhibit and my opinion on comparing the fossil sample to various pokémon.

He was supposed to be keeping an eye out for a signal, but there were so many of them around that he felt like they would manage without his help…. besides, there was no one there to give out orders. Their boss, the linchpin, was supposed to be there already but he was nowhere to be seen.

He told me this without even realizing it. I think at some point he assumed he was talking to a fellow pirate, considering he didn’t lift his head even once and kept on asking me if I found any similarities with the several pokémon he kept showing me.



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