A second try



The pirate I had just defeated started to sob uncontrollably, like he had never lost a battle in his life and even made me feel bad for winning, almost as if I had beaten a baby.


His partner had a different stance, opposite in every way, smiling, mocking him. He just pushed the other one aside and stepped forward, stating he would take care of this, that it was a job for a real man.

The newcomer didn’t jump into the fray, he just stood there, laughing out loud, boasting about his battle prowess and gloating about his organization, team aqua. I couldn’t care less and Shelly shared my opinion, seeing as he promptly came out of his pokéball and growled at my opponent, something even I did not expect of him. It looked lide his aggressiveness was increasing.


The aqua pirate… no, pirate was an unfit description for these hooligans. This was nothing more than a grunt, and I assumed he was all bark and no bite. I was right.

He started off with a zubat that Shelly took care of and the replaced it with a Sandile, a reptile pokémon I hadn’t seen before. A wide snout full of sharp teeth was indeed menacing but the pokémon itself went down easily enough, even if it was only after I swapped Shelly out for Splash.


The second opponent did not break down into tears, he just stood there, dumbfounded, like he couldn’t understand what had just happened.



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