Late to the party


I went downstairs, leaving the captain alone with the sound of his typing and the model ship.


The ground floor had suffered a drastic change and was now almost empty, a stark contrast to the scenery it presented not an hour ago. Every single member of team aqua had vacated the building, leaving only the two women at the ticket counters, clearly relieved about the resolved situation.

The world outside was inviting and would provide a sweet reprieve from all the commotion.

I was so anxious and daydreaming about the possibility of fresh air and sunlight that I barely noticed a person coming inside. It was a member of team aqua, and he was in a hurry.


He pratically ran inside and started looking around, frantically scanning the room, but the object of his search was nowhere to be found. His fellow team mates were now long gone.

His head fell as he started talking to himself, punishing himself for being late, for failing twice in what were supposed to be two simple jobs.

It was only then that he saw me and I recognized him, it was the thief from the tunnel, the one that had stolen a pokémon from Mr. Briney. He backed away as soon as he recognized me, equal parts surprise and fear were stamped on his face.

He got on his knees and started asking for forgiveness, that he would mend his life, that he would correct his evil ways and renounce team aqua.


I didn’t believe a word, nor was I in a mood to handle this matter. The previous hour had been too taxing on my mental faculties.

He proceeded to offer me money, pokémon, his life, all as payment for what he had done. I accepeted nothing but he wouldn’t leave me alone, not until I finally accepted a TM from him.

I put away TM46 and with tears running down his face, the poor guy removed his bandana and left the museum.

Now I really needed some fresh air…


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