Sudden conference



The two grunts started bickering, each one blaming the other and both extremely concerned about what they would do now that they had failed in their endeavour. Their main worry was that they’d get kicked out of team aqua after such a monumental failure. The job was supposed to be easy, a simple robbery and they would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for me, the meddling kid.


As fun as this was to watch and listen, both me and Stern grew annoyed with their presence and pointed to the staircase, asking them to leave since they had been beaten.


Their defeat was overwhelming and their faces showed it… for a few moments. A voice echoed from behind and they both froze, their faces transformed into something else, fear.


I heard steps, heavy slow ones, and saw a figure approach them. One gloved hand appeared on the right shoulder of a grunt, a black leathery hand, its counterpart appeared on the left shoulder of the other grunt. The grunts got pulled apart to reveal a wide torso, clad in black. The head was covered in a blue skull-crossed bandana, like the grunts and the arms were bare, covered in various tattoos. His face was rugged and black bearded but it didn’t show any signs of fear, sadness or anger, just a wide smile.


He introduced himself as Archie, the leader of team aqua, so named due to their love for the sea. He then asked me for my name but I remained quiet, something that didn’t seem to faze him at all.


Archie continued to talk, telling me I was too young to get involved in such adult issues, that all I needed to know was that they were dedicated to the sea and its expansion. That there was nothing wrong about it, not unless I was part of team magma. He took one long look at me and decided I wasn’t, but did commend me on my efforts, my bravery, and for that he would let me go free. His expression turned dark for a few moments and he delivered a warning, that if I ever interfered with their plans again, he wasn’t sure if he would be able to be so magnanimous, be it with my freedom… or my life.


A smile returned to his face as he said his goodbyes, he then excused himself and disappeared down the staircase.



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