It’s a tent!

The way to the beach was blocked by a large group of visitors, which meant there would be little room for relaxation on the sand. I walked in the opposite direction, towards the north side of town, exploring where I had not been yet.


I saw a few buildings that were of no interest to me, at least for now, and at the end of the street, there was a pink, round, tent? It was shaped like a tent, but it had doors like a regular building and the sign outside had clearly been there for a long while. It had bright red lettering and spelled “Battle tent – Find it! The ultimate pokémon”… what could that mean?


The glass doors parted to let a man through, it was Scott. Damn he moved fast.

He was happy to see me again, showing a wide smile on his face and promptly asking me if I was about to undertake the battle tent challenge. As a tough trainer I was more than well suited to face the battles inside. He encouraged me to go inside but I did not feel it as a good thing. There was something off about that place, I could feel it.


I decided to move away from it and continue exploring. The fact that the tent was creepy had nothing to do with it.



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