What’s his name again?


The ticket booth women, true to their duty, had remained in their respective spots but were clearly relieved when I finally walked past them and exited the museum.


The sun and the sea breeze were like a balm on my spirit. A bit of rest and relaxation sounded pretty good right about now, especially given all the excitement I had been through.


I only had a minute to my thoughts before I was intercepted by a man, someone I had ran into before. The man with the stylish shades.

He was almost certain that he had encountered me before, but since he wasn’t totally sure, he reintroduced himself to me, telling me his name was Scott, and his knowledge of current events was impressive to say the least. Scott knew what had transpired in the museum and without a single word from me, assumed I had driven team aqua away by myself.


He inspected me, head to toe, constantly muttering to himself, repeating some unintelligible mantra. When it was over, Scott said that maybe, just maybe, this trainer… and that was it. I couldn’t make out the rest of the sentence.


Scott then asked me to pull out my pokénav so he could touch his to mine, and exchange our contacts.



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