A small wish


I walked away from the reporters and sat down in a large couch, resting a bit.

– She is a handful isn’t she?

There was a bearded old man to my right, looking right at me.


– You seem like you could enjoy a warm cup of tea. Would you like some?

He poured me a cup without waiting for an answer, I thanked him and sipped the warm drink.

He was the leader of this pokémon fan club, initially founding it with the purpose of meeting other like minded citizens, trainers and pokémon enthusiasts. The club took a while to grow, but it now served as a major hub for knowledge and relaxation. It was here that the concept of pokémon contests took form but they were no longer practiced. He never got to witness the full extent of a contest or see a winner, at least not in the their current format.


The competition had gotten fierce and popular, attracting the attention of powerful brands. They bought the rights to this competition and moved it far away.

He thanked me for my time and a sympathetic ear, I said that it had been my pleasure, and that if ever I won a contest, I would make sure to come back here and introduce the winner to him.


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