Interview #2


I thanked Lady Monica as respectfully as I could, excused myself from her side and headed for the door.


My exit was cut short, and I was intercepted by a young journalist, the same one that had interviewed me before.


She said she had witnessed my exchange of words and was impressed that I was kept in such high regards by the elite. The confusion must’ve been clear upon my face, since she then proceeded to explain that Lady Monica was the elite she was talking about, almost royalty.


The journalist asked me my togepi’s name, and if I would mind it being published and talked about. I paid no mind to it and accepted her invitation to answer some additional questions.


She asked me what it was that had originally attracted me to a togepi, but my choices were limited to a few answers she had already written, none of them were very good and I just ended saying that I liked him because he was awesome… somehow that made sense to her.


She thanked me for the interview, that it had been fun, enlightening, that I showed promise and that it would be almost certain that she would interview me again in the future.


The camera man told he got the whole thing and was now ready to start editing, but she wanted to interview another trainer, so they packed their things and started browsing the room, searching for their next target.



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