So adorable!


The room had such a pleasant atmosphere for pokémon that Shelly couldn’t help but come out of his ball and walk around, introducing himself and chatting with everyone.

One of the trainers was a nice older woman that took an instant liking to my pokémon, holding it in her hands, caressing his spikes.


Shelly chirped in utter glee as I approached them. The woman said I was lucky to have this pokémon on my team, that not many trainers were capable of handling the unstable nature of such a cute and fierce pokémon, and mine was among the fiercest she had ever seen.

She introduced herself as “Lady Monica”, one of the leaders of this fan club and also one of the top pokémon analysts and breeders of the world. Shelly climbed onto her shoulder and rubbed her head against hers in a clear show of affection.

Lady Monica correctly assumed that given Shelly’s level and power, he should’ve evolved already, that the only reason behind it had to be my ignorance on the matter.


I confirmed her suspicions, saying that I indeed wanted to evolve Shelly but had been unable to do so. She held my hand and deposited something small and hard in it. A gift from the pokémon fan club, a gift reserved for those who proved to be real friends to their pokémon. It was a “Soothe Bell”, an item that not only made the pokémon that held it happier but was also a fundamental part in Shelly’s evolution. All I had to do was make sure he was carrying the item during training and he would eventually evolve.

Shelly jumped into my arms and grabbed the item I had just been given. It looked like he couldn’t wait to evolve.


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